pinkschmink is a digital storybook of tales about faraway (and near at hand) places, delicious morsels and wardrobe wishes. I hope you find it a source of inspiration for a charmed but attainable lifestyle complete with all those little luxuries that make the everyday wonderful.

Forest on the Roofabout caroline

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet which I started back in 2013 to share all my favourite fashion finds after I left the London College of Fashion with a diploma in Fashion Media and Communication. But as I grew and evolved, so did my ideas about the content I wanted to create, and now pinkschmink is more of a platform to tell stories about places I love to go and things I love to do, as well as what I want to wear.

I’m a writer by trade, a photographer by accident and a cook by necessity. I’m perfectly imperfect – I’ll always choose a cheeseburger over kale salad and prettiness over practicality. I love getting to know new people and things, so if you’ve got something you want to share with me get in touch via Twitter, Instagram or the email form below.


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