LV Series 3

Sometimes we Londoners get more than our fair share of cultural goodness. Case in point: the LV Series 3 exhibition at 180 Strand. Why should a Parisian stalwart like Louis Vuitton choose London to host a reimagining of the fall/winter 2015 collection? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps it’s better not to ask questions; instead simply take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy this uniquely immersive take on Nicholas Ghesquière’s artistic vision.

Of course, this LV Series 3 show follows in the footsteps of the Series 2 event held in LA, Beijing, Seoul and Rome, and Series 1 in Shanghai and Tokyo. For me, there is something about Ghesquière’s third season for Louis Vuitton that is evocative of London, and perhaps that’s why LV Series 3 feels at home here. But perhaps we just got lucky.

The idea behind these events is to give an insight into the atmosphere and the creative process behind the collections for those of us whose ticket to the show always seems to get lost in the post. It’s a clever mix of digital displays and tangible objects that guides you from concept to creation to spectacle to store.

Whether you’re already an LV devotee, a Ghesquière fangirl (that’d be me) or indifferent to both but a fan of fashion, craftsmanship or design, you’ll love this exhibition. I’d offer you a money-back guarantee, but it’s free anyway, so what have you got to lose?

The digital displays around the walls of this circular room will make you feel dizzy.

Sit at one of the desks and you can watch the craft from the perspective of the maker.

How many PacMen does it take to make a mini Louis Vuitton trunk?

The tools of the trade.


A master at work.
The finished masterpiece (sadly not available from the LV Series 3 gift shop).
This is without a doubt the whitest room I’ve ever been in. Take sunglasses.
A certain Miss France of my acquaintance was most pleased to hear she’s got her very own LV trunk
The question is: leopard …

… or pink? (or both?)

Possibly my favourite room of them all: the walk-in wardrobe.

This is exactly how my wardrobe looks by the way. Exactly. Ahem.

Your wanderings are rewarded with this panoramic view. Or at least they would be on a day when it isn’t pouring with rain. (There’s champagne and cake here too, but we didn’t stop because we had an appointment at the Savoy – more on that later).

The wall of stickers, from which you can choose your favourite to take home

I went with leopard, naturally, and my initials which the lovely people at the desk will give you if you ask nicely.
Last, but not least, a quick stop in the hall of posters (because I’m all about that Insta-life).
LV Series 3 is on at 180 Strand until 18th October 2015. To find out more and book your tickets, visit the Louis Vuitton website.