Today I’m Wearing … Uptown/Downtown

Today I'm Wearing ... Uptown/Downtown

Confession: this is not actually what I’m wearing today, but what I wore on Sunday for Mother’s Day lunch at my sister’s place. (We had roast chicken basted in porcini mushroom-infused butter, with roast potatoes, glazed carrots and steamed Savoy cabbage, with Thai sticky coconut rice and grilled tropical fruits for dessert, in case you’re curious. It was flipping delicious.)

I have long been a fan of the juxtaposition of ripped denim and tailoring, whether that’s busted black skinnies, a sleek blazer and ankle boots along with my best ‘I’m with the band’ insouciant facial expression, or destroyed boyfriend jeans with a Chanel-esque tweed box jacket, as here.

The jacket that I was wearing was a lucky find in the sale at Marks and Spencer – a sweet little navy, white and silver slubby number hanging in amongst the sort of things that you glance at with a wry ‘I think we can see why that‘s in the sale’ thought to yourself. It had no price ticket on it but it was the only one and it was in my size, so I nabbed it and took it to the till along with a pair of cigarette pants and a One Direction t-shirt (for Mini-Me, obvs. I swear …), to find that it had been reduced to the paltry sum of £20 – #winning.

I’m certain I’ll be back to M&S soon, too, since the current season is so strong, particularly the Limited Edition range – the stork-print bomber, croc-panelled leather dress, 70s-style playsuit and bright leopard-print sandals are at the top of my wishlist right now.