Today I’m Wearing … Best Basics

Today I'm Wearing ... Best Basics

This time of year can be immensely frustrating. The shops are full of bright colours and lightweight fabrics, but the weather oscillates wildly between warm enough to sit in the garden in tees making daisy chains, and cold enough to want to wear four coats at once, not to mention the rain, hail, wind and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at us. Winter’s trends seem passé in the light of the sun and summer’s seem faintly ridiculous when you’re seriously considering digging out some thermals.

It’s these times when a wardrobe of great basic pieces is so important. Things like a well-tailored black jacket, a breton stripe tee, indigo skinnies and a smart pair of flats will look chic in any weather, in any season and in almost any situation. Those four items are probably the most important in my wardrobe – genuine can’t-live-without stuff. What are your wardrobe essentials?