Today I’m Wearing … A Chocolate Orange

Today I'm Wearing ... A Chocolate Orange

When I was younger, the idea of wearing orange and brown in the same outfit would have been met with a level of derision that these days I reserve for Uggs and Crocs. It called to mind hideous seventies soft furnishings and visions of grotesquely outsized lapels on Bri-Nylon shirts with terrifyingly crotch-hugging flares and death-defying platform boots.

How things have changed. Not only am I a great fan of wearing orange and brown together, but I get genuinely excited when I see a strong seventies trend emerging in any given season. Usually it’s the glitzy Studio 54 influence that gets my heart racing (see Gucci A/W 2006 for the collection that still haunts my dreams), but since I saw the Zeynep Tosun show at London Fashion Week there’s another side to the era that has been on my mind.

A more sporty, casual seventies girl slinked along the runway at many of the autumn/winter shows, including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc JacobsGucci, Givenchy and, most excitingly, at Nicolas Ghesquière’s first show for Louis Vuitton. So perhaps I got dressed today paying subconscious homage to the return of a favourite trend. Or perhaps I’m just grown up enough now to know that there’s more to seventies fashion than Abba …