Today I’m Wearing: London Fashion Week Day 5

Today I'm Wearing: London Fashion Week Day 5

Day four of LFW had been a much more relaxed affair (only half a dozen shows, it was practically a day off), so by day five I was feeling pretty zen about choosing something to wear that would see me through a day of shows and into an evening of after-parties. Fashion week after-parties are still work for me, though, so I had to choose something that was comfortable, reasonably professional and didn’t mark me out as an alien from Planet Fashion. You see, sometimes there are boys at after-parties (and in fact there was a particular boy at one particular after-party … but don’t worry, there won’t be any heart-shaped posts coming your way: as great as he seemed, he neglected to mention that he had a fiancée waiting for him back in NYC who also happens to be an actress in a hit TV show).

But I digress. This particular outfit (which, as always, didn’t look exactly like this – you can see the real deal on Fashion Scout’s Instagram if you really, really want) seemed so right when I left the house in the morning, but the more I look at it now, the more it seems kind of … I dunno. What do you think? Is metallic and leopard and neon too much in one outfit, or do the minimal coat and shirt balance it all out? Should I experiment with more print mixing? And why oh why would any boy engaged to a (super-hot) TV actress spend half the evening flirting with a girl dressed like this?! Answers on a postcard …