Today I’m Wearing: London Fashion Week Day 4

Today I'm Wearing: London Fashion Week Day 4

Isabel Marant pour H&M bomber jacket, sold out, but I love this and this!

By the fourth day of London Fashion Week, I was losing the will to live. I was mega tired, pretty fed up of being rained on or buffeted by the wind and the only thing keeping me going was that I knew I had some great shows on my schedule (including Huishan Zhang). So I did what any fashion girl would do under the circumstances and went all-out black.

This was particularly pleasing because it gave me a chance to wear my COS leather leggings that I’d recently discovered I could squeeze back into (yay!), and other comfy stuff like ankle boots and a fluffy jumper and my Isabel Marant pour H&M bomber. I took full advantage of its reversible-ness and wore it snakeskin-side-out so that no-one would know I’d committed the dreadful faux pas of wearing the same garment twice in one fashion week (quelle horreur!).