London Fashion Week: Zeynep Tosun

Sometimes when you sit down at a show and skim through the show notes, you are greeted with a list of influences seemingly so disparate that it could go one of only two ways: either the collection will be a new level of amazing, or it will be a car crash.

Zeynep Tosun’s autumn/winter 2014 collection was unequivocally the former. With inspirations including the seventies, luxe sportswear and modern-day street style, my interest was piqued but certain little questions arose in my mind. Seventies and sportswear? Seventies and street style? I have a bit of a tendency to forget that any seventies fashion existed outside of Halston and Studio 54 (perhaps it’s the recent ubiquity of American Hustle?), but clearly Zeynep Tosun hasn’t.

With rich shearling details, cocooning knits and a playful mix of oversized and schoolgirl-esque silhouettes, Tosun presented a collection of wear-forever pieces in a simple but gorgeous palette of winter white, chestnut brown and burnt orange. The print motif running throughout was inspired by the oxidisation of metal, but there was no rust around the edges of this collection. It was fresh, clean and utterly covetable – particularly the outerwear. Form an orderly queue, ladies …